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Safe Quality Food is Krakus Bakery highest priority and responsibility.

Dear valued Employees, Suppliers, Customers, and Auditors,

The company’s food safety and quality policy is to provide competitive products and services of the highest standards of performance and reliability. By achieving this goal the company will consistently satisfy the mutually agreed needs and expectations of its customers, achieve business success and ensure that our products are always safe to consume and conform to statutory and regulatory requirements.

The Management Team is committed to implementing and maintaining an effective Food Safety and Quality System and to support its ongoing improvement through adoption of a food safety quality management system containing food safety and quality policies and procedures that meet legal requirements, and industry best practices so reflecting the competence of the company to customers and independent authorities. As part of this commitment the Management Team have established processes to improve the effectiveness of the Food Safety and Quality System to demonstrate continuous improvement.

The Company recognizes that a successful food safety and quality culture can be achieved only by following safe working practices and procedures developed through effective hazard analysis, training and experience. In order to achieve these aims, a robust Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points System (HACCP) has been introduced following a full hazard analysis of all food related operations. All instructions and control mechanisms within HACCP are designed to control any risk to food safety or quality.

To ensure success of this policy Krakus Bakery. Management team is directly responsible for food safety and quality by ensuring adequate; organization and support, equipment and facilities, training and education of all employees, reviewing and auditing performance, and driving continuous improvement. The senior management ensure adequate resources are available to achieve food safety and quality objectives and to support the development, implementation and maintenance and ongoing improvement of the Food Safety and Quality System. Detailed organizational arrangements and food safety and quality responsibilities for all levels of management are contained in the food safety and quality manual.

Achievement of this policy involves all staff being individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continual improvement culture and working environment for all. All employees are provided with the food safety training necessary to enable them to perform their tasks and are responsible for ensuring that they do so in a hygienic manner so that the safety of the food they handle is not put at risk. All employees are required to co-operate with any authorized person to ensure that statutory and regulatory obligations are properly complied with.

This policy is thoroughly communicated throughout the organization in all applicable languages and a copy is provided and explained to each employee by Management Team.

The company food safety and quality policy will be subject to continuous review and revision particularly when changes to legislation or technical knowledge occur. As Co-President, I have overall responsibility for ensuring that company food safety and quality standards, policies and procedures are maintained and implemented, and that food safety performance is regularly reviewed.