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Our history dates back to 1993 when Walter Mulica first started making his own breads from scratch to supply his grocery store chain. Wally decided to take traditional bakery recipes and started to manufacture quality products in the back of one of his grocery stores to supply his growing number of customers.

His products would be the freshest and best tasting breads in Chicago. He always chose the finest quality ingredients. Wally’s dedication to quality and hard work paid off. His new business began to grow and as word of mouth spread Wally was not able to keep his shelves stocked as the demand increased. Over the next six years the business grew so much that we had to expand and move into another state inspected facility. In 2014 we acquired a facility in Bensenville, IL and spent one year refurbishing it into a state of the art, bakery facility.

Fully equipped with modern processing equipment, Krakus Bakery began mass operations in May of 2014 and has been expanding ever since.

When our company was founded, it was mainly focused on Polish and European products. We still specialize in traditional Eastern European breads with the largest variety of Polish Artisanal Breads, but as our market share has grown so has the wide variety of products that we now produce and offer. Our target market has expanded to reach other regions both regional and out of state. We are always developing new formulas and recipes to revolutionize the ethnic bakery selection of Chicago.

Enjoy our quality breads today!

Michael Mulica
Krakus Bakery Inc
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